We are a leading company in sous-vide technology 
based in Singapore with central production kitchen
under AVA license & ISO 22000 certificate
providing culinary preparation for hotels, events, restaurants and cafes. 

We can supply you with Western & Asian dishes in individual
and buffet size portion, from soups, sauces, main courses
and garnishes and also cold cuts known as charcuterie.

Our preparation are easy to reheat and serve. It enhance your productivity, lower your labour & operation cost and give your full control of your menu consistency and choices.

We can bring you the support for your expansion and franchise with consistency. We are providing the solution for a la carte, buffet, outside catering menu

The industry is quickly adopting the outsourcing of culinary preparation, and we believe our products can be beneficial to your operation.

We believe in providing consistency and productivity to enhance your culinary operation. 

Chef Julien BOMPARD
Chef de Cuisine & Director 
of Cuisine Service Pte Ltd

We are passionate in developing 
and making our products. 

Our Work Quest
"Make it Better"