olive Oil

city of NYONS

If you ever visit the city of Nyons, about 200 km from Lyon

You need to taste the olive oil and the black olives.

if you don't like the black olives, try the black olives of NYONS,

and you will love them forever....


Unique quality for its balance of sweetness and bitterness, no other olive oil give you that experience.

I use the Nyons Olive Oil in my cooking by just drizzling over a steamed white fish, a boiled potato, few leaves of salad or roast vegetables.....

Black Olive de nyons

it's a variety unique call "La Tanche", it grow for centuries in the area of Nyons in Provence.

They are perfect, bites for pre-dinner with cocktail

Chevaliers de l'olivier

it has been an honor to receives in 2006, such acknowledgement for my passion de share the beauty of the Olive Oil from Nyons. My godfather for the introduction was Mr Teulade, eminent person from the knowledge of the olive tree from Nyons and all over Provence.

more stories about Nyons , my home town, up coming...stay tune