Charcuterie / Cold Cut - Soup

Main Course - Sauce - GARNISH


All Packed sous-vide and ready to use

Culinary technology to ease ease your daily operation and expansion

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  • We are supplying culinary preparation for hotels, restaurants and F&B groups.
  • Our process is to use low temperature cooking to maintain all flavors, texture and hygiene with pasteurization process.
  • The preparation are deliver in Sous-vide pouch in individual portion, one kilo or two kilo, allowing a perfect cost control.
  • Our raw materials are purchase through selected local supplier, to ensure quality and freshness.
  • Our cooking process remain traditional and with no added conservative, coloring or MSG.
  • We are producing in batch according to client need to ensure best shelf life and quality
  • Our preparation may required finishing “chef touch” to adjust flavors according to your taste, concept or cost.
  • Culinary preparation follow the effort of ready bakery or pastry, which is today largely used in USA, Europe, japan and developing in Australia.
  • Our products really fit in the The Pareto principle, known as the 80/20 rule

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