Outsource your culinary production

Chef / Culinary Team

    • Less manpower
    • Saving in utilities (water, electricity, detergent)
    • Saving in equipment maintenance
    • More time to meet client with sales team
    • More time for training
    • More time to support procurement
    • More time for carving station and buffet presentation
    • Better overall hygiene
    • Less time behind desk or computer

Purchasing / Procurement

    • Less manpower
    • Saving in utility, stationery
    • Less suppliers, less paperwork
    • More time to source the right products
    • Better communication with Chefs
    • Transparency in purchasing


    • Less manpower
    • Less daily delivery to handle
    • Less packaging handling and wastage
    • More time to control and scale products
    • Better hygiene and easy grouping per outlet
    • Less truck pollution in loading bay


    • Less manpower
    • Saving in utility (water, detergent, electricity)
    • Can help receiving to transport food
    • Can help kitchen to peel or cut vegetables
    • Can help to transport food buffet station

Contact PrepChef (for professional Only)

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